Automation for Teachers

Helping teachers reclaim the hours they spend on monotonous administrative tasks like marking and reporting.

Built by a frustrated teacher.


Built to help overworked teachers

Get back your hours spent marking, giving students feedback and writing reports by automating them with Edventive.

Edventive Marking Example (light)
Step 1
Start by importing your student answers or feedback rubric.
Step 2
Create your answer key or report's structure.
Step 3
Manually review automatic scoring or report generation.
Step 4
Export your reports and feedback to use as you see fit.

Scaling teacher productivity

Automating the tedious repetition while letting teachers personalize results for each student.

Up to 150
Student assignments marked at the same time
Faster personalized student reports

Ready to get your time back?

Start automating your administrative tasks with Edventive today.

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